VINKONA 2021PÖKKI Valkyrie Gift Pack


VINKONA 2021PÖKKI Valkyrie Gift Pack

This perfect Viking Warrior Gift pack includes the new hardcover book The Real Valkyrie by Nancy Marie Brown,: The Hidden History of Viking Warrior Women,  Lava and Smoked Flavours of Nordur Salt Arctic Sea Salt Flakes, one bar of OMNOM Chocolate, and a Customized Gift Card.

Suggested add-ons: The Kokkur Apron by Thermakota, Omnom Chocolate Coffee + Milk, and your favourite Vinarterta

A very special assembly of storied products filled with unique Icelandic energy, beauty, strength.

When author Nancy Marie Brown was inspired by the news that the bones in a Birka Sweden Viking Warrior Grave were proved to be that of a powerful woman, she wrote the story and made ‘Hervor’ come alive. While channeling Snorri Sturluson the real facts are revealed to reinterpret what we know about Norse society and more.

For lovers of Women, Valkyries, Vikings and the feeling and tasting of history made real.

Just one idea for connecting yourself and others with the heart of Icelandicness.

Limited Time Offer.


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