Icelandic Canadian Lamb!

Our Icelandic Canadian Lamb is custom prepared for you! Seasonally Available. We offer Traditional Icelandic Style custom Smoked Hangikjöt Boneless Lamb and Cured Rúllupylsa Rolled Spiced Boneless Lamb Shoulder for delivery to Canadian Customers!

Our Traditional Icelandic Style Smoked Hangikjot Boneless Lamb Leg and Cured Rullupylsa Rolled Spiced Boneless Lamb Shoulder are custom prepared for us by traditionally trained butchers who have preserved centuries old Icelandic methods for over 140 years in Canada. We deliver to Canadian Customers only. Have it delivered for your special holiday feasts! It is absolutely the best we have ever tasted!

We hope you will try our exceptional lamb products. Our Federally Inspected Icelandic Canadian Lamb Smoked and Cured products ship across Canada!


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