Where is your best source for Icelandic Lamb?

I love lamb! My favourite is the free roaming, antibiotic and pesticide free, small farm raised kind. I have been supporting a one woman farm feeding my kids for over 20 years. Now, she has retired. So I set out to create new relationships with farmers to secure high quality lamb for my family.

I am passionate about using the skills for preparation and preservation taught by traditional Icelandic methods and have made many culinary delights in the old way. I’ve made the fresh cured rolled lamb flank and shoulder Rúllupylsa and had the boneless lamb smoked locally for Hangikjöt. Increasingly it has become more difficult and expensive to source the processing in keeping with old traditions and make it available to the market in Canada. I researched and realized it is approximately the same price/kg to import Lamb from Iceland where lamb is naturally free range in the Icelandic landscape.

So, I did an experiment…..I ordered approximately 90 kg of Icelandic Lamb for an event when I was told I would not be able to bring it into Canada by everyone I talked to. It was a lot of work and key people helped make it happen. And, it was worth it!

Now I am excited and motivated to bring the experience of Icelandic Lamb to the North American market. So with your help, I can leap this next hurdle to bring in 250 kg of Icelandic Lamb including fresh meat of varying cuts and cured Hangikjot and Rúllupylsa for our Holiday season. I am now a registered importer. And thrilled to bring this product to you.

If you’ve ever tasted Icelandic Lamb you know why…. and if not I’ll share with you that it is worth it! It grazes wild all summer on highland grasses and Icelandic thyme. It drinks from the most pristine water in the world. No pesticides are used. That being said…..while it’s the coveted stuff….I’m not yet able to ship to US.:(  However, Canadians from East to West, can benefit from receiving their custom order shipped right to their home from Toronto, Ontario.

I visited Anna Runólfsdóttir in Iceland at the beginning of ´Round Up’ with a travel group I led last summer. Her farm is beautiful and even more so with sheep grazing lazily under Eyjafallajökull. Not only is Anna a farmer, she is a Manager at Sláturfélag Suðurlands. I have found the best possible source for lamb and I’m sharing it with you!

Your best source for Icelandic Lamb is right here. Shipping across Canada week of December 7, 2015!

My personal recommendation is that you order your personal freezer stash to last the whole year until next round up in September! Order here!

Sending love,

Arden Jackson