Two Cosy Changes for Christmas Vinarterta

We have Two Cosy Changes for Christmas Vinarterta

Because you care about what’s in your Vinarterta, and because you want more than just any Vinarterta.

Here’s where you can buy your Vinarterta for Christmas, Holidays, and Special Celebrations!

Nothing is more delightful than baking for you and hearing your stories and experiences. Thank you!

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I know you are super smart, heart-centred, and you want health and a positive impact on your body and mind from what you eat….along with the love and connection. And Icelandicness.

So, I’ve shifted how we make and bake in two ways because I know you want to know more about where your Vinarterta comes from, and what’s in it too, and more value.

In dedication to the high standards and commitment of our customers the first change, even though costly, is a move away from big producers to local, small, and artisanal producers of ingredients and products.

Using local small-scale producers of ingredients, as much as we can, will allow us to achieve even more for our customers.  More in terms of superior quality, health, uniqueness, connection to community and social consciousness is the goal.

The increase in the price of ingredients and transportation this year is shocking (and unavoidable) so I’ve decided to put that increase into the hands of local and connected businesses who benefit from our support.

New is a change to two of the most fundamental elements of the cake; the milled flour, and the butter.

I have chosen the charismatic K2 Milling, a local artisanal miller ‘Grinding Against the Grain’, who built his own mill to produce flour with emphasis on flavour, not colour. Their appropriately named ‘Viking’ All-Purpose Flour grain is sourced from local farms and also from the farm where the mill itself operates.

The wheat is ground, untreated, unbleached and has a lot more colour, character, better taste and variability. Adjustments to the recipe, while subtle, are necessary. (Looking forward to your feedback on this one.)

Our beautiful new Golden Dawn butter is sourced from the family-owned Alliston creamery, which is the last independent creamery in Ontario, if not the country. High-quality products with friendly family values prevail.

We continue to use our own unsweetened plum, cranberry-rhubarb and apricot jam fillings, locally sourced free-range eggs and cream, handmade extracts, fresh ground organic spices and Nordur Icelandic Flaky Sea Salt.

As a side note: To level up to all organic, grass-fed dairy or dairy-free, gluten and grain-free and refined sugar-free product double the costs even more, so at this time available only as special custom orders. (Let us know what you would like!)

The second change has been setting up a dedicated (and cosy) commercial kitchen. Key pieces of equipment, methods and technologies are installed that will speed up production time and increase excellence. And easily the amount of love in the cake too.

I much appreciate the speedy warrior ‘Hobart’ mixer I’ve named ‘Hervor’, after the shield-maid in ‘The Real Valkyrie’ book by Nancy Marie Brown. Check out our Gift Packs including The Real Valkyrie Book bundled with Vinarterta, Nordur Salt and OMNOM Chocolate and a gorgeous Apron from Thermkota!

We now have an almost complete, functional and flexible, professional artisanal bakery. It has a small footprint and has the potential to make a big impact both physically and environmentally especially with your ongoing support.

Vinarterta is a unique cake made for an exceptional tribe of heart-centred people.

You want to know where your food comes from, what’s in it, and the makers. And you want the best for yourself, family, friends and the planet. Especially for Christmas.

I hope our changes help you to enjoy the Vinarterta experience even more for Christmas 2021!

Order Online for Cake Delivery. Our Made in Canada, made to order Vinarterta Cake ships everywhere.

Sending lots of love,

Arden Jackson

P.S. After a long wait the Icelandic Liquorice has arrived at Canada Customs. Can’t wait to receive it, and make our 2021TERTA Nýja Lakkrís Liquorice Chocolate Vinarterta

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