The Real Valkyrie (and Vinarterta too!)


This Special Pack includes Nancy Marie Brown’s new book, The Real Valkyrie, The Hidden History of Viking Warrior Women, together with a great stash of your choice of Vinarterta. Perfect isolation reading, coffee time, sharing and gifting just got better!

In 2017, DNA tests revealed to the collective shock of many scholars that a Viking warrior in a high-status grave in Birka, Sweden was actually a woman. The Real Valkyrie weaves together archaeology, history, and literature to imagine her life and times, showing that Viking women had more power and agency than historians have imagined.

Select your size of Vinarterta. Traditional Plum Iced with Buttercream is the default choice. Available in Plum, Nýja Lakkrís, Cranberry Rhubarb, Apricot and Gluten-Free Plum.

Shipping Included for the Book Only when ordered with Vinarterta.


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