Secrets of the Sprakkar Book and Vinarterta Gift Packs


Secrets of the Sprakkar Book and Vinarterta Gift Packs include Eliza Reid’s new book, Secrets of the Sprakkar: Iceland’s Extraordinary Women and How They Are Changing the World, together with a great stash of your choice of Vinarterta. Perfect energizing reading, coffee time, sharing and gifting just levelled up 2022!

Eliza Reid, First Lady of Iceland, Canadian, Journalist, Editor, and Co-Founder of the annual Iceland Writers Retreat, shares her experiences, stories and insights about intriguing women, culture and realized gender equality in Iceland. Why is Iceland so highly ranked as a great place to be a woman? Eliza asks “Was it possible that I had landed in a country where, with a bit of luck, women could just maybe have it all? Her answer is revealed through connection to the country’s sprakkar, an ancient Icelandic word meaning extraordinary or outstanding women. Secrets of the Sprakkar is a warm and gorgeous embodiment of a country whose society is vigilant about equality for people of all genders.

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