Do you know how to keep and cut your Vinarterta?

Here’s how to Keep and Cut Your Vinarterta!

Here are our detailed Vinarterta directions; How to keep it fresh, and more, how to cut it for serving!

Using a technical approach (with a ruler) is guaranteed to produce excellent results. It is well worth the extra few minutes. Your cake will look gorgeous and architectural, and the pieces will be the perfect size. Here’s how:

For best keeping: Put the vinarterta cake box(es) in the refrigerator (or freezer for longer term storage), until ready to cut. If it’s frozen, move to refrigeration the night before. Keep refrigerated until ready to cut.

Recommendations for cutting:  

Here is how to cut the cake so that each piece will be 1 5/8″ x 3/4″ (4.13 cm x 1.9 cm). Note: 2-3 pieces are a typical serving size.

  • Keep well refrigerated until ready to cut for the most beautiful slices.
  • To take the cake out of the individual boxes, consider if you need to cut the corners of the box or use the foil liner to lift the cake directly up and out of the box to protect the icing.
  • Remove the cake from the bag carefully, or cut the bag off the cake.
  • Mark the icing accurately at 1 5/8” intervals with a knife along the length of the AMMA cake or along the width of the AFI, VINUR or ELSKAN cakes, starting from the centre and marking to the left and then right as the outside pieces may be slightly larger. Use a clean ruler held just above the cake for marking.
  • Mark the icing accurately at 3/4” intervals with a knife along the width for the AMMA cake or along the length of the AFI, VINUR or ELSKAN cakes.
  • Use a large chef knife to cut the slices, wiping the blade with a clean wet cloth or paper towel between each cut for best presentation.
  • This cutting sequence is effective for maintaining consistency of the pieces for the AMMA:
    • Cut the cake in quarters along the length 3 1/4” (8.25 cm) wide, and separate them from each other.
    • Cut the quarters one at a time, first in half along the length, then in 3/4” pieces along the width.
    • Put on presentation plates. Decorate as desired. (A few fresh blossoms can be beautiful) Cover and refrigerate.
  • If it is a warm day, or if it will sit out for a while, rather than laying the pieces down against each other, (where they could stick together or separate), stand the cake in blocks with pieces slightly separated (i.e. 1/8 of a cake centred on plate and garnished with a few fresh flowers). Keep refrigerated until as close as possible to time of serving.

Your Vinarterta cake keeps well for 3 weeks in the Refrigerator and 3 months in the Freezer!

Best wishes for wonderful Vinarterta experiences!

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Your fresh cake is packed in our special system that ensures a perfect arrival every time. We ship to you, and all your gifts from Caledon, Ontario. Packed fresh and well chilled, it happily cures along the way to it’s destination. Vinarterta is eaten best at least a few days after baking to allow the fruit and flavourings to become what they are meant to be. It keeps fresh for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator and freezes well too.

We look forward to making your cake!

Arden Jackson