It’s Vinarterta Time!

It’s Vinarterta Time! If you grew up in an Icelandic North American community then you know that this cake is us! If the concept of a cake that is the equivalent of a cultural group is new to you, then welcome to the story and the experience! When Icelanders were driven from their homeland in the late 1800’s they brought this recipe with them. And families have continued to make it to this day and share this cake for Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays and more! This multi-layered cake is all hand made. The almond and vanilla flavoured cake layers are filled with cardamom flavoured plums and iced with butter cream icing!

It’s a refined and storied cake, practical and beautiful in it’s execution. It’s delicious, decadent, not too sweet and packs a lot of unique flavour into a compact serving composed of simple ingredients. It ships and keeps well. This past year it has traveled to points all over North America, and Iceland!

I think of it as embodying the pure love and pioneering spirit of many an Amma (Grandmother). And I can’t wait to share it with you!

I look forward to making your cake! Order Vinarterta here!

Sending love,

Arden Jackson